MDM servers are now offline

Dear Zinc User,

Zinc and all other MDM Software were deprecated on 1st March 2014, with no further development or updates being worked on. Access to "MyAccount" closed on 30th April 2015, having remained open for the past 12 months prior, so that registered users could access all previous builds and support resources.

Access to "MyAccount" has now ended and the MDM Servers have been taken offline (effective 30th April 2015). This will also affect the DRM server calls that previous builds make to verify registered licenses. Therefore, we strongly advise all users to download the DRM-Free Zinc 4.0.22 build below:


Download Zinc 4.0.22 DRM Free (Includes Win, OSX, Linux)


The above build does not include any DRM, nor does it have any reliance on the servers which are now offline. This build can be used for any legacy projects you may need to support now or in the future, but will only remain available for a short time.

Zinc 4.0 Documentation has also been archived for reference and is available below:


View Zinc 4.0 LiveDocs (Archive)


Thank you,

MDM Team