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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

mdm.Network.TCP.FileServer.sendFile(remoteIPAddress:String, remotePortNumber:Number, localIPAddress:String, localPortNumber:Number, localFilePath:String, remoteFilePath:String):Void

remoteIPAddress:String - Remote file server IP address

remotePortNumber:Number - Remote file server port number

localIPAddress:String - Local file server IP address

localPortNumber:Number - Local file server port number

localFilePath:String - Path to a file on local machine

remoteFilePath:String - Path to a file on remote server


Transfers a file from the local file server to the remote file server.

When executed, sets a PPSV (variable) called "mdm_tcpfiletransfer". The value to this PPSV is either "true" if the transfer has finished or "false" if the transfer is still in progress.

Example Code
mdm.Network.TCP.FileServer.sendFile("", 4000, "", 4000, "c:\\local.txt", "c:\\remote.txt");

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User Comment by brian-HAI on 3rd June 2008 - 19:52
note that as of version 3.05 this function does not work.

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