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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

mdm.Image.bmptToPngAsync(inputBmpFilePath:String, outputPngFilePath:String, use256Color:Boolean, transparentColor:String):Void

inputBmpFilePath:String - Location of BMP file to be converted

outputPngFilePath:String - Location of png file to be created

use256Color:Boolean - Boolean flag for use 256 color palette (8bit). Set to true will produce an 8bit 256 color PNG, set to false will create a 24bit PNGtransparentColor:String Constant value for transparency color to be used in created PNG. Must be either "white", "black" or "fuchsia".


Converts a BMP image to a PNG image with transparency. Transparent areas on your image can be set to white (#FFFFFF), black (#000000) or fuchsia (#FF00FF)


Example Code
// Example Needed

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