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mdm.DX9.enable(Width:Number, Height:Number):Boolean

Width:Number - The desired resolution width

Height:Number - The desired resolution Height


Enables DirectX Resolution and Rendering via Direct3D 9, allowing access to the back buffer.

The command takes two parameters, the width and height of the full-screen mode. The width and height of a mode can be taken from the 'DX9.enumerateModes' call. If switching to a full-screen mode that's also the same dimension of the current desktop mode, simply pass -1 to both parameters.

The return value is a Boolean: True if the Direct3D was enabled, and False if there was a problem.

This module is designed to be used once per session. You can change the mode/dx9.enable on startup, return to desktop/dx9.disable on exit. It will only work on form 0 and will be ignored on child forms.

This module will NOT work if StageVideo or Stage3D is used in your Flash SWF.

Example Code
// Full Screen Resolution is same as Desktop Resolution


// Full Screen Resolution of 1024x768 Required


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