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The COMPort Class has been deprecated in Zinc 4.0. It is included for legacy support but is no longer maintained and maybe removed completely in a future 4.x update.


Usage, baudRate:Number, byteSize:Number, parity:String, dataBits:Number, flowControl:String):Void

port:Number - Port number

baudRate:Number - The maximum rate (in bits per second) that you want data to be transmitter through the specified port

byteSize:Number - The number of data bits that you want to use for each character that is transmitted and received

parity:String - The type of error checking you want to use for the specified port

dataBits:Number - The time between each character being transmitted (in bits per second)

flowControl:String - Type of flow control


Opens the specified serial communication port.

To retrieve a list of available ports use the COMPort.ports property.

The 'byteSize' parameter must be a value between 5 and 8.

Valid values for the 'parity' parameter are:

N - None
O - Odd
E - Even
M - Mark
S - Space

Valid values for the 'dataBits' parameter are:


Example Code, 110, 8, "N", 1, "OFF");

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