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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux


filename:String - Path of downloaded file

An Object

Dispatched when a HTTP transfer is complete. The "data" holder on event object will contain "filename" property that points to local file created as results of download process

There are two ways to listen for events in 4.0:
using "onEventNameFunction" - callback based handlers introduced in {mdm} 2.0
using IEventListener model based on Events introduced in 4.0.

No matter what implementation you would use either callback and listener handler would have to use single-argument defintion as in below sample:
// callback based handlers
mdm.Appllication.onAppChangeFocus = function(event:Event):void
// proceed with event

// handlers based on IEventListener model
function onAppChangeFocusHandler(event:Event):void
// proceed with event

The event in ActionScript 3.0 is type of mdm.Event so handler could be written in different ways:
myHandler function(evt:Object){
myHandler function(evt:flash.events.Event){
myHandler function(evt:mdm.Event){

Example Code
myHTTP.onBinaryTransferComplete = function(evt:Object):void{
var localFile:String = evt.data.filename;

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