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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

mdm.FTP(server:String, port:Number):Void

server:String - FTP Server URL

port:Number - Port Number


Creates a new FTP Instance using the specified parameters. Multiple instances can be created.

This will not login to the server. FTP.login() must be executed after this command to log into the FTP server.
'21' is the standard FTP port

NOTE: AS1/AS2 based code should not use "new" keyword for creating this object. So to create instance of mdm.FTP object in AS1/AS2 one could use:
var ftp = mdm.FTP(server, port);

Example Code
var myFTP:mdm.FTP = new mdm.FTP("", 21)
// NOTE: AS1/AS2 version has different syntax
// see: there is no "new" keyword used
var myFTP = mdm.FPT("", 21);

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