Please be advised that MDM Software is no longer supported as of 1st March 2015. Access to MyAccount will remain available temporarily to download legacy builds, but no further updates or builds will be made available. Technical, Sales and General support is no longer available.

Introducing Zinc 4.0

Simple. Flexible. Powerful. Refined Four Times Over.

Create, Build & Deploy Real Desktop Applications based upon the Adobe® Flash SWF Format. Zinc 4.0 compiles your SWF Files into Powerful Desktop Applications (Projectors) for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Create Stunning Commercial Applications, Screensavers, Widgets, Games, CD Roms, DVD's, Kiosks and More. Available for Windows & Mac OSX, Zinc 4.0 is the only X-Platform Rapid Application Development Tool for the Adobe® Flash Platform.

Build Desktop Apps with Flash & Flash Builder

Zinc 4.0 Builder is more than just a SWF2EXE - It's a complete Development Environment for Desktop Applications based on the Adobe Flash Platform.

Zinc 4.0 works seamlessly with Flash and Flash Builder (Formerly known as Flex), compiling your SWF Files into Powerful Desktop Applications for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Create your project in Flash or Flash Builder, or open an existing Flash/Flex project. There's nothing new to learn, simply use standard Actionscript, Components and any other Flash/Flex Assets in your project.

Export your project to a SWF and compile the same SWF with Zinc 4.0 into a Standalone Desktop Application for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Simple, Seamless, Powerful.

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100% Standalone Applications

Unlike standard Flash Projectors or Adobe AIR Applications, Zinc 4.0 Desktop Applications are 100% Standalone. This means they will work across Windows, Mac OSX and Linux without the need to download Plug-Ins or Runtimes.

Zinc 4.0 Compiled Applications will also work directly from a CD, DVD, USB Drive, External Hard drive and even on Virtual Machines. No Plug-Ins, No Runtimes, No Fuss. 100% Standalone.

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Build Once, Deploy to Windows, Mac OSX & Linux

Zinc 4.0 has been developed from the ground up as a viable X-Platform Development Solution for Flash/Flex Developers. Effortlessly compile a single project for distribution across Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Systems from the same source. Create X-Platform Desktop Applications from a single codebase.

With unrivaled platform support, and exceptional operating system support across the platforms, Zinc 4.0 is the Ultimate X-Platform Development Suite for the Adobe® Flash Platform.

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Extend Actionscript with 600+ Commands

{mdm}Script 4.0 is a Powerful API that extends ActionScript 1, 2 and 3 with over 600* new Commands and Classes specific to Desktop Applications. Need to Save a File to the Desktop? Connect to a local Database? Load an external Video File? It's all possible with Zinc 4.0 and {mdm}Script 4.0.

{mdm}Script 4.0 has been designed to be as simple as "copy and paste" for Actionscript Beginners, whilst adhering to AS3 Object Orientated Programming for Advanced Users.{mdm}Script 4.0 has been greatly enhanced in Zinc 4.0 to offer greater command parity and availability across all Platforms.

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100% Customizable Desktop Applications

Zinc 4.0 Builder allows you to change window size, border, icon, position, style and much, much more. Completely transform your standard projector - every aspect of your final Application can be customized to your requirements. You can even customize the Application copyright, description and build number directly from the Zinc 4.0 GUI.

Create custom shaped Projectors to any size, scale or dimensions - make your application really standout with organic and abstract window shapes using bitmap masks (Windows & Mac OSX). Remove Minimize, Restore and Exit buttons or build completely Transparent & Chromeless Applications.

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X-Platform, X-Compile

Zinc 4.0 is the only Flash Application Development Tool to offer our unique X-Platform, X-Compile Feature. Using an intelligent Platform Plug-In Management System, Zinc 4.0 can build Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Projectors from both Windows and Mac OSX.

Zinc 4.0 is split into 2 separate elements which make up the “whole” software. Zinc 4.0 Builder is an IDE for Windows & Mac OSX whilst Zinc 4.0 Plug-Ins are modules for Zinc 4.0 Builder which instruct the IDE on how to compile an SWF into a Desktop Application for Windows, Mac OSX and/or Linux.

Any Zinc 4.0 Plug-In can be installed in either the Windows or Mac OSX version of Zinc 4.0 Builder, which means you can create Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Applications from either Windows or Mac OSX. Zinc 4.0 Builder is a completely Free Download and Free to use on both Windows & Mac OSX. Zinc 4.0 Plug-Ins can be purchased for commercial use Applications from the MDM Online Shop.

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Powerful Command SDK

Zinc 4.0 includes a Powerful Command SDK for Advanced Developers to create their own Command Modules (Extensions) for a Zinc 4.0 Projector on Windows and Mac OSX. The Zinc 4.0 SDK works by extending the {mdm}Script 4.0 API with virtually unlimited commands extracted from a custom or 3rd party DLL or Dylib.

The Zinc 4.0 Command SDK is available for Windows Applications through the development of DLLs in Visual Studio and Dylibs on Mac OSX via Xcode. Once created, Zinc 4.0 can compile the custom Command Module into your final Zinc 4.0 Projector, making the extended functionality available to your Application.

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Screensavers, Multi-Form, Video and More...

Zinc 4.0 is the Fastest, most Powerful and most Feature-Rich Rapid Application Development Tool for t he Adobe® Flash Platform. Cycle through other notable Zinc 4.0 Features below:

Zinc 4.0 is the only X-Platform Development Tool for Adobe Flash which offers all of the Features above in a single Application.

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Export Project to XCode 4.0

Zinc 4.0 Compiled Projectors can now be easily exported to Xcode 4.0. Xcode 4 is the new version of Apple’s powerful integrated development environment for creating apps for the Mac OS.

Zinc 4.0 can convert a compiled Projector into a valid Xcode 4.0 Project where it can be further edited, or signed and submitted to the Mac App Store (See Below).

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Submit to the Mac App Store

Zinc 4.0 Compiled Applications can now be converted to Xcode 4.0 Projects, which are fully compatible with the Mac App Store Submission Process. Effortlessly Create, Build & Distribute your Flash Applications through the Mac App Store.

The Mac App Store has completely changed the way Mac Users download and purchase software, integrating their Mac App purchases directly with their existing iTunes accounts. With Zinc 4.0, you now have access to millions of potential users by submitting your Zinc 4.0 Application to the Mac App Store.

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Build Desktop Applications with HTML5

For the first time in Zinc, you can now build Desktop Applications from more than just Flash. With Zinc 4.0, you can build Desktop Applications for Window and Mac OSX with HTML5. HTML5 is a broad set of open web technologies, including CSS3 and HTML5 itself, and Javascript Libraries & Frameworks such as jQuery.

Zinc 4.0 can now compile a Remote or Local HTML5 Project into a single file Desktop Application for Windows or Mac OSX. By leveraging the power of CSS, Ajax and core HTML5 APIs, Zinc 4.0 users can build compelling, interactive Desktop Applications from Existing & New Web Projects.

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Asynchronous Command Options

Zinc 4.0 now features {mdm}Script 4.0 - The fourth revision and refinement of the Zinc Command API. {mdm}Script 4.0 integrates directly with ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 and now includes Asynchronous alternatives to Zinc 4.0 commands including FileSystem, Database, Dialog and Network classes.

Asynchronous command execution allows the developer to initiate time consuming loops and commands without halting other procedures in the Application. {mdm}Script 4.0 provides both Synchronous and Asynchronous command options offering unrivaled flexibility for Developers.

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Updated to Flash Player 13

Zinc 4.0 has been updated to support the very latest Flash Player 13 (Released April 2014). Flash Player 13 is a major update and benefits from up to 1,000 times faster rendering performance over Flash Player 10 and several hundred updates and improvements over previous 11.x & 12.x releases.

Featuring full hardware-accelerated rendering for 2D and 3D graphics, Flash Developers can animate millions of objects with smooth 60 frames per second rendering.

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150+ Tweaks, Fixes & Updates

The entire Zinc 4.0 codebase has been updated and overhauled to provide a faster, more robust and more streamlined experience for users. Literally hundreds of updates, tweaks and changes have been applied to optimize the Zinc source code to a meticulous level. Cycle through notable Fixes & Updates below:

Zinc 4.0 is the most powerful, most refined Development Tool for Building X-Platform Desktop Applications with Flash, Flex and HTML5.

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Why Choose Zinc 4.0?

Used by over 100,000 developers in over 75 Countries, Zinc 4.0 is the Ultimate Rapid Application Development Tool for Adobe Flash. Zinc has pioneered and innovated the 'SWF2EXE' market and continues to do so, year on year, with unprecedented power, flexibility and unrivaled features.

  Flash Projector AIR Projector Competitors* Zinc 4.0
Build for Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build for Mac OSX Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build for Linux Yes No No Yes
100% Standalone Projectors (No Dependencies) Yes No Yes Yes
Alpha Transparency No Yes Yes Yes
File IO Command API No Yes Yes Yes
Browser Command API No Yes Yes Yes
Database Command API No No Yes Yes
Play External Video Files (AVI, Mpeg, Mov etc) No No Yes Yes
Distribute Applications via DRM Solutions No No Yes Yes
Run from External Drives, USB, CD, DVD Yes No Yes Yes
Connect to 3rd Party DLL's/Shared Libraries No No No Yes
Connect to Custom DLL's/Shared Libraries (SDK) No No No Yes
Export Project to XCode No No No Yes
Apps can be Submitted to Mac App Store No Yes No Yes
Build HTML5 Desktop Apps No No No Yes
X-Platform, X-Compile No No No Yes
Build Screensavers for Windows & Mac OSX No No No Yes

*Competitors column combines the features of several alternative software tools. In other words, even if you purchased all of the other competitor tools, they still couldn't match the feature set of Zinc 4.0

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Used by 100,000 Flash Developers in 75 Countries

Zinc 4.0 is used by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Yahoo!, Disney Interactive & Sony; Industry Leading Design Agencies, such as WDDG, Juxt Interactive and 2Advanced; and also Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Boeing and Microsoft.

The sheer scope and width of industries using MDM Software is a testament to the quality and reliability of Zinc 4.0. Download Today and start building X-Platform Desktop Applications with Flash, Flex and HTML5.

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The ClockWork Man

Available on Steam

Compiled for Windows & Mac OSX with Zinc 4.0, The Clockwork Man is a unique Hidden Object Adventure game! Join Miranda and her best friend, Sprocket, in an amazing tale through a parallel Victorian universe where steam fuels technology.

The Clockwork Man and The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World, developed and published by Total Eclipse Games, are available to download and purchase from Steam.

The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond

Published to the Mac App Store

Welcome to Amsterdam! Starting off as a tourist in Amsterdam, you sense there is something in the air... Once settled in your hotel room, more and more mysteries are revealed. The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond was exported directly to Xcode using Zinc 4.0 and submitted to the Mac App Store.

The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond, developed and published by Youda Games, is available right now to download and purchase on the Mac App Store.

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Lamborghini Reventon & Gallardo LP 560-4

Interactive Press Kit

In preparation for the Reventon's official launch, Lamborghini commissioned the designers at Nowakstudios to design and create an interactive desktop application that matched the brands' core attributes. Zinc 4.0 was used to develop a X-Platform Interactive Press Kit for The Lamborghini Reventon and Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4.

"We did an extensive comparison between different tools that allowed us to build real desktop applications using flash. Zinc was the only tool that gave us the power to build 100% standalone projectors for all platforms.

Having methods [in Zinc] which share similar syntax to those native in Actionscript made integrating Zinc very easy and the learning curve smooth. The documentation was clear and the forums a great help in building a swift knowledge of Zinc's capabilities."

Tim Nowak, Co-Founder Nowakstudios

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Download Zinc 4.0

Download Zinc 4.0 Builder for Windows & Mac OSX

MDM Zinc 4.0 Builder for Windows and Mac OSX is 100% Free for Personal Use and includes Trial Plug-In Modules for building Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Applications from your Flash, Flex & HTML5 Projects.

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Accelerate your learning curve with Zinc 4.0 by watching these introductory video tutorials to Zinc 4.0. Get an overview of the GUI and then select a Quickstart Guide for Actionscript 2.0 or 3.0


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