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Adobe announces 9% revenue share for Flash Player 11.2 web games


Starting from 1 August, all web games that use two premium features of Flash Player 11.2 will have to play Adobe 9 percent of net revenue, although this won’t apply to the first $50,000.

The two features that trigger payment are access to domain memory and hardware-accelerated 3D graphics via Stage3D rendering. Web games developed using either Flash Player 11, or games which do NOT use the “premium” features will not have to revenue share.

Adobe has taken this approach because developers using Flash for iOS and Android are already sharing 30 percent of their revenue with Apple and Android, while web revenue streams are typically not shared with other publishing partners.

An important thing to note is that this only applies to web games, and not to mobile or desktop (Mac and PC) games. Therefore, using Zinc 4.0 you can compile your Flash Games into standalone Desktop Games and avoid the 9% Revenue Share. Furthermore, Zinc 4.0 can compile your Flash Game into an Xcode Project for submission to the Mac App Store (unfortunately, there’s no way round Apples 30% Cut!).

We actually find the introduction of this revenue share model quite very odd – Flash has recently been under scrutiny for it’s poor web performance on Mac Systems and of course it’s notable banishment from iOS devices. With HTML5 breathing down their neck, surely Adobe would be looking to appease web developers, rather than introduce revenue share models at this late stage in the Flash life cycle?

Or, perhaps, Adobe are just realizing what MDM realized 10 years ago… Flash is just so much better for the desktop!

See the Official Premium Feature Revenue Share Model Here.

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